"The best way to predict the future is to create it", Peter Drucker


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We believe that science should serve society. That is why we established Science4People  to facilitate the goal that seems to be obvious. However, in practice, it is not easy. The world of science and the world of business are different. Science usually strives for perfection and even the best inventions can be further improved. The business strives to maximize profit, preferably in the shortest possible time. That is why science and business are not always in the same way.

Science4People is a spin-out company of researchers from Bialystok University of Technology and Maritime University of Szczecin. We worked parallelly in the world of science and the world of business for over ten years. We have established and successfully managing many technology spin-offs and spin-outs where we commercialize our research results. As academic teachers, we were carrying out many projects focused on developing . For example, two Strategic Partnership projects in the ERASMUS+ framework, namely MELES - More Entrepreneurial Life at European School and ABC-MELES 2.0 - Academic Business Coach. The first one helped us to introduce Entrepreneurship to curricula at Project Partners universities (Poland, Germany, Greece and Portugal). The second one has created a coach, who can support researchers and students in the commercialization of research results. We have fantastic results. Our students created globally oriented companies e.g. RiftCat or Photon, that sell their products to most countries in the world.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein


The team of managers in educational, research and investments projects.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein



Education, Research and Innovation. Join our Knowledge Triangle


The use of chatbot technology is very promising and could be effective in the field of education as well. We will share our experience to build the network, where teams or individuals can get support in each European country in developing business. Our primary goal is to deliver a modern teaching method based on BOT-Learning, which we are going to execute in the international Consortium.


We will analyze the needs of your project and your team. On this basis, an individual mentoring, training, consulting or coaching program will be prepared and implemented together. We will help you to build the team and plan your path to success. We have experience in conducting both individual and team sessions. We will be happy to assist you and proud of watching when your dreams come true ...


We are heading towards the Digital Era, which is entering every area of our lives, including education, business and research at each level. Business looks for innovative solutions which are delivered by educated, well prepared to carry out research, people. This is the Knowledge Triangle. This is the area of our business. Currently, we operate as the interface between science and business


Education 4.0 should serve the Industry 4.0 revolution, which is changing the world around us. Let us share our personal experience and vision with you. Here are just a few projects, where we participate personally as managers: Project AVAL - Autonomous Vessel with an Air Look. The implementation in Quasi-real condition. Project ORCA - Object Recognition and Classification Awareness. 

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